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Signs of Success for Online Business Owners Day Planner - Notepad

Signs of Success for Online Business Owners Day Planner - Notepad

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Create better daily habits and get better results when using the "Signs of Success for Online Business Owners Day Planner" 25-page notepad. 

Side One
Side One includes the following sections:  today's highest priorities, appointments, online business owner's performance tracker (social media, email marketing, digital marketing, conversations and financials), personal tasks & notes, business tasks & notes and more. 

Side Two (Optional / Bonus)
Side Two includes a 3-section time tracking log for those who wonder where the time has gone at the end of the day and for those that want to distinguish tasks that they personally must do, tasks that can (even with great reluctance) be delegated to people or systems and non-productive time.  Side Two also includes a checklist with 15 daily performance questions including that you've planned the next business day before leaving the office for the day. 

With this tear-off notepad, you'll stay present to clarity, focus and consistent action to achieve bottom-line results that will allow you to enjoy your lifestyle-friendly business. 

How to use this product:

  • Keep the notepad intact on your desk so it doesn’t get lost amongst your other papers.
  • Tear off a tracker page and hole-punch to insert in your favorite day planning binder.
  • Tear off a tracker page to mount on the wall or on a clipboard for constant visibility.