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Formulate Your Funnel - Card Deck

Formulate Your Funnel - Card Deck

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Yes, it's clear - online business owners need a funnel in today's market.  Why?  

  • Because you can't just launch a gorgeous website and expect orders to roll in.
  • Because you can't email your prospective and current customers once every few months and expect them to open, let alone remember, your email when they are bombarded daily.
  • Because if you are growth-focused but don't want bottlenecks or more staff and vendors than necessary - and you really would like to grow a lifestyle-friendly business, you must delegate and automate.
  • Because we want to improve the customer experience from start to finish to match our brand's promise.       

Whether you are brand new to building funnels or you're a seasoned pro, you will find this tool to be invaluable!

Forget the mindmaps that you can't read when printed... 

Forget building flowcharts and diagrams in popular software programs that again are difficult to see when printed... 

You will be able to see this modular tool so you can efficiently create basic and manual funnels to highly sophisticated automated funnels with short-term to long-term nurture email sequences.  And, better yet, since they are laminated, you will be able to create multiple funnels as desired.  (Don't forget to take a picture of your completed funnel before you build the next one.)

What's in the Box:

  • Twenty-Five (25) 6x4" Laminated Basic Funnel Cards
  • Twenty-Five (25) 6x4" Laminated Traffic/Referral Source Cards
  • Fifty (50) 6x4" Laminated Advanced Funnel Cards

Most of the cards in this deck are unique (we added multiple email cards).  This tool is laminated so you can re-use this for your next site if you use a whiteboard marker.

Yes, we've put the fun back in funnels!

    Note:  If you purchase this, we recommend purchasing the "Work Your Website(tm) Card Deck" as well.