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Plan Your Program - Card Deck

Plan Your Program - Card Deck

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Probably like you, I tried all kinds of ways to efficiently build a new program with mindmapping, sticky notes, spreadsheets - you name it.  These tools can get the job done, but leave a lot to be desired.  Before building your course, it's important to see the big picture - imagine your entire course spread out on a wall or table - in a font you can actually read!  Since I couldn't find this tool, I had to create my own.  And, now, I'm sharing it with you.

What's in the Box:

  • Ten (10) 5x3" non-laminated Module Cards
  • Sixty-five (65) 5x3" non-laminated Lesson Cards

Benefits of Investing in this Card Deck:

As you've probably heard, "Measure twice, cut once..."

  1. Simply create your Module Cards (categories, chapters, headings, phases, etc.) and place on top of your work area (wall, desk, whiteboard, etc.)
  2. Use the Lesson Cards to brainstorm your ideas, key points, topics and resources. 
  3. Sort the Lesson Cards underneath the most appropriate Module Card and keep re-arranging until you are satisfied.

The Lesson Cards include color-coded delivery methods such as audio-recorded slides, audio only, video only, whiteboard, etc. so once your order is established you can mix up delivery methods to increase user engagement - while preparing lessons in a group (such as dedicating a half-day for all video recording).  The note section on the cards will allow you to write out your Recommended Resources so you can see these, too, at a glance.  And, you can create different or shorter program by re-arranging some cards or purchase a new set for a different or longer course (using some of the same components to avoid re-inventing the wheel).

Remember, you don't get paid to build your course or program.  You get paid when you sell it.  So, you can now stop spending valuable time on organizing it and spend more time selling and building it.